Roger Ruegger

Roger Ruegger is the editor-in-chief of WatchTime. He has been writing for and about the watch industry since 1999 and was responsible for several award winning projects for brands within the watch industry. He launched his own digital watch resource in the year 2000 and has been engaging with collectors and enthousiasts online long before the term 'social media' was coined. Since 2014, Roger has been been contributing content to WatchTime. Having grown up in Switzerland, he benefits not only from being geographically close to the Swiss watch industry but also from an education in both the German and French parts of Switzerland. Roger has previously worked in Switzerland, Germany and the UK and is registered as a journalist in Switzerland. He has contributed content mostly for special interest magazines and has been quoted in books, newspapers and magazines, including the New York Times, Finanz & Wirtschaft, Swiss National Television and SWR3 TV in Germany. Due to his vast experience in digital, he is a frequent speaker and serves as a judge for several national and international award shows.

Articles by Roger Ruegger