E.C.Andersson’s First In-House-Made Watch Offers Design Artistry and Cutting-Edge Technology

After almost two years in its development, E.C.Andersson Watch Co. is releasing its long-awaited hand-made watch. Fans of the brand have been able to follow the process from steel powder to finished watch and the result is a timepiece of exceptional craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and design artistry. The process can be viewed on video at the company’s website.

ECA Gota-Lejon Kontra-Gauss GMT - wrist

The new E.C.A Göta-Lejon Kontra-Gauss GMT is manufactured in Göteborg, Sweden. In fact, none of the watch’s steel parts have ever seen the outside of Sweden before its delivery to the end consumer; even the iron ore is mined domestically. Using both 3D printing of stainless steel and traditional milling in its manufacturing, E.C.Andersson is exploring high-tech solutions to achieve a product that exceeds expectations. The watch is full of details meant to awaken the aficionado’s love of high-end engineering.

ECA Gota-Lejon Kontra-Gauss GMT- Caseback

To achieve the watch’s sharp edges, light-catching surfaces, and mirror-like angles, E.C.Andersson executed a tedious series of grinding, sanding, bead-blasting and polishing techniques, as well as enameling the oscillation weight. No less than nine stages of finishing are applied to each watch, entirely by hand, in Göteborg. The resulting contrasting surfaces on the watch look different from every angle, resulting in a powerful presence.

ECA Gota-Lejon Kontra-Gauss GMT- Magnet

For such an ambitious watch, E.C.Andersson sought to offer a product that would last a lifetime. Thus, the company set out to battle one of the biggest threats to the mechanical movements longevity: magnetism. A two-year-long R&D project resulted in the brand’s very own Kontra-Gauss shielding system, an anti-magnetic enclosure able to effectively redirect up to 3,600 gauss of magnetic current away from the movement. The Kontra-Gauss, and movement, is tucked inside four layers of steel, which act as an additional magnetic absorber while still forming a sleek case profile of 10 mm in height and 40 mm in diameter.

ECA Gota-Lejon Kontra-Gauss GMT- Lume

The GL Kontra-Gauss GMT is designed to be worn in a variety of occasions. Not only does it feature dual time zones; it’s also designed with a sophisticated functionality in mind. On an elegant sun-brushed dial in either black or deep blue, the vital information is presented in bead-blasted surfaces that effectively catch light. The 24-hour ring, as well as the markers, are treated with SuperLuminova. Three premium color-matching accessories are included for the first 30 orders, worth $580, each transforming the watch in a completely different way — from the sporty, screw-attached steel bracelet to the weather-proof rubber strap. Perhaps most notable, however, is the integrated, waxed Kudu leather strap.

ECA Gota-Lejon Kontra-Gauss-GMT- -trio

The leather for E.C.Andersson’s watch straps are derived from a species of antelope living in the wilderness of southern Africa. To keep the balance of the local ecosystem, the Kudu is gathered in its natural habitat by civilian hunters, free from industrialzation and animal cruelty. Each finished strap shows natural blemishes from the Kudu’s contact with surrounding vegetation. The leather is tanned in a vegetable process and hand stitched in a small atelier in Northern Italy. The finished strap is extremely soft right out of the box.

ECA Gota-Lejon Kontra-Gauss-GMT- - reclining

Powering the Kontra-Gauss GMT is a movement based on the Sellita SW300, top-decorated, shock-protected, and featuring an in-house-made rotor that has been enameled by hand. It’s accurate to +4/-1 seconds per day of running time, as per the brand’s in-house precision certification.

ECA Göta-Lejon Kontra-Gauss GMT angle
Each watch is made per individual order, executed largely by Mr. Erik C. Andersson himself and delivery time is adjusted according to the number of orders in the queue. Both dial options are limited to 50 pieces. The first pieces are available to ship in May for those who order early. The watch is available for order today, priced at $2,100. During launch, all three accessories comes included, worth $580. For more details, visit

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  1. Why First In-house made watch? EC Andersson have been producing in-house watches since a lot of years. Why first?

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