E.C.Andersson Releases New Model and New Jubilee Bracelet in Divers’ Collection

E.C.Andersson Denise Arctic Sport - front

Along with the cold, Scandinavian winds comes a new model from Scandinavian brand E.C.Andersson Watch Co: the Denise Arctic Sport. It features the same eye-catching, utilitarian design as other models in the company’s tool-watch collection, but this time with a matte white ceramic bezel and snow-white dial with contrasting black makers and hands. It is delivered with the option of an all-new Jubilee-style bracelet and a collection of Italian rubber straps with micro-adjustable dive clasps.

E.C.Andersson Denise Arctic Sport - wrist

Named Denise after the submarine carried aboard Jacques Cousteau’s research vessel, it comes as no surprise that this is primarily a dive watch. However, with a timing bezel that doubles as a navigation tool, the watch is more versatile than one made solely for underwater activities.

E.C.Andersson Denise Arctic Sport - buckle

The Denise Arctic Sport is ideal for exploration thanks to its crisp white dial and matte ceramic bezel that are designed to counteract reflections from bright snow during daytime, while the large illuminated markers are suited for long winter nights. A subtle power reserve indicator displays how much power is stored within the in-house regulated movement, which is precision certified to an impressive -1+4 seconds per 24 hours running time.

E.C.Andersson Denise Arctic Sport - lume

As with all of E.C.Andersson’s watches, the Denise Arctic Sport is made in limited quantities: aside from spare parts, only 95 will ever be made. Together with the new release, the final Denise Black and Denise Calypso Blue have been released as well, in 10- and 20-piece editions, respectively. All can be ordered with the steel bracelet or a collection of rubber straps.

E.C.Andersson Denise Arctic Sport - bracelets

The steel bracelet is part of an E.C.Andersson in-house venture that has been in development over the past year and are made largely by hand. Since the bracelets are made one by one, the company can only accept a limited number of orders to ensure quickest possible delivery. Find the collection here.

The Denise Arctic Sport starts at 845 euros ($942) if ordering early, which is approximately 30% off the listing price. VAT is automatically deducted for customers outside the EU.


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