Casio Shows Bluetooth-enabled Watch at CES

Casio bluetooth watch

Ever wish you had wristwatch like Dick Tracy that could transmit information and make calls? Or what about the utility wristwatch from Inspector Gadget that monitored activities and had two-way communication functions? This year at CES, Casio is unveiling a prototype Bluetooth-enabled watch that speaks to Smartphones and other mobile devices.

Through Casio’s Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, the Bluetooth watch will be able to perform a variety of functions on a single coin cell battery. Its abilities include:

· Call and e-mail alert – notifies wearer of incoming e-mails and calls while also allowing wearer to silence Smartphone sounds though the watch (great for meetings or dinner dates).

· Phone finder – for all those times you misplace your phone and need someone else to call it in order to find it (you need this)

· Global Time Sync – self-adjusts to local time (think of jet setting and never having to set your watch ever again, no really!)

· Syncs with a variety of applications:

  • Sports and fitness/Outdoors – track your distance, speed, direction and altitude
  • Security: alert emergency services via call/e-mail through your watch
  • Entertainment – use your watch as a motion sensing, remote control

The image below is a prototype, and as we go to press, pricing has not been determined.

Casio bluetooth watch

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