Bonus Audio: Excerpts from Our Interview with Festina Group’s Jean-Claude Schwarz

Schwarz_Soprod_150In the September-October 2012 issue of WatchTime, on sale September 11, executive editor Norma Buchanan profiles the Festina Group, one of the few companies that make movements, including hairsprings, from scratch, and hopes to cash in on cutbacks by the Swatch Group. Click below the photos to listen to audio outtakes from her exclusive interview with Festina Group’s Swiss CEO Jean-Claude Schwarz.

Click here to start the audio file: Schwarz on Festina Group’s movement production


Soprod's Jean-Claude Schwarz

Jean-Claude Schwarz, CEO of Festina Group Swiss Operations

MHVJ movement_560

MHVJ in Le Sentier makes high-end movements for brands both inside and outside the Festina Group.

Click here: Schwarz on Festina Group’s movement production

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