Ben Affleck Wears Calibre de Cartier for Opening of The Town

Ben Affleck and Cartier

When Ben Affleck’s new film The Town premiered at Boston’s storied Fenway Park, the star (and writer/director) was wearing a Calibre de Cartier in stainless steel with white dial. Affleck’s crime thriller is set in Boston, and Fenway is his favorite ball park, so the non-traditional premier location makes sense.

In the film, Affleck leads a gang of bank robbers. They haven’t been caught yet, but Affleck knows their luck will eventually run out. He’s looking for one last big score so he can find a new future. His romantic interest in a bank manager he took hostage adds another complication.

The Town is in theaters now. The film also stars John Hamm, Blake Lively, Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner and Chris Cooper.

Ben Affleck wears Cartier

Calibre de Cartier

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