Baselworld 2014: 21 Tidbits About Basel

Basel Muenster CathedralIn March, 150,000 people will flock to Basel, Switzerland, for the world’s largest watch show, Baselworld. Our gang, of course, will be among them. Because of the frenzied pace of the show, most Baselworld visitors don’t get to see much of the city. That’s a pity because there is a lot more to it than the show.

My first visit was 35 years ago. For those of you attending the fair, here are some things to know about what’s beyond the watch halls, as presented in my “Last Minute” column in the current March-April issue of WatchTime.

1. Tennis legend Roger Federer was born and raised in Basel. He has called it “one of the most beautiful cities in the world.” That’s a homer’s view. But it does have beautiful spots, especially in the Old Town and in places along the Rhine.

Roger Federer - Rolex

Roger Federer is a Basel native.

2. Basel is Switzerland’s third largest city after Zurich and Geneva. But it is not big. The total population was 172,000 in 2013.

3. Don’t be confused by the different spellings of the city’s name. Depending on the language, they are all correct: Basel (American English and German), Basle (British English) and Bâle (French).

4. One of the great charms of the city is its numerous public fountains, more than 170 of them.

Basel - Rhine Middle Bridge Chapel

On Basel’s Middle Rhine Bridge is a chapel built in 1478.

5. The Rhine River splits the city in two: Big Basel (Grossbasel) and Little Basel (Kleinbasel), where the Baselworld complex is located. Inevitably there is a rivalry. One of the town’s monuments is the Lällekönig (“the Tongue King”), a figure of a crowned head fixed to a wall of a café just off the Mittlere Rheinbrücke (Middle Rhine Bridge) in Big Basel. The “king” looks over at Little Basel and sticks his tongue out at it.

6. That bridge was the city’s first one across the Rhine. (There are now six.) The original was built in 1225. The current one dates from 1905. It is a 10-minute walk from the Mustermesse, as the locals call the fairgrounds.

7. It’s one of the few bridges in the world with a chapel at its center.

8. Switzerland’s oldest university was founded in Basel in 1460. Luminaries like the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and the Basel-born Swiss theologian Karl Barth taught there. Nietzsche lived in Basel from 1869 to 1879.

Basel Muenster Cathedral

Parts of Basel’s Münster cathedral date to the 9th Century.

9. The great 15th-century humanist Erasmus of Rotterdam loved Basel, settled there at three different periods of his life, published some of his most important work there and is buried in its cathedral.

10. The cathedral (“Münster”), located at the highest point above the Rhine, is one of the city’s greatest landmarks. Parts of it date from the 9th century.


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