Inside Rolex’s Bienne Manufacture: Photo Slideshow

Rolex_Bienne_slides_150In October, WatchTime traveled to Bienne, Switzerland to attend the official opening of the new building that will eventually house all Rolex mechanical movement manufacturing operations. Our story detailing the visit appears in the February issue, which goes on sale January 15. The story contains several images, and below we present a slideshow with an additional 22 exterior and interior shots.



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To read more about Rolex’s movement-making operations in Bienne, click here for Norma Buchanan’s story from WatchTime’s April 2010 issue.

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  1. Joel G. says:

    These excellent photos make me want to mortgage the house to get one, or two, or three of these incredible Rolex masterpieces...

  2. Wrongway Feldman says:

    never should have left there

  3. d.w. lohman says:

    WOW!! Just jaw-dropping! This article is very informative and a very riveting read. Presents Rolex\'s complexity very well.

  4. odysseus suarez says:

    very wow indeed! wish one of children will be a watchmaker someday, any school for that!?!

  5. W R Welch says:


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