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First Watch: U.S. Presidents and Their Timepieces

John F. Kennedy with Omega Ultra Thin

With the race for the 2016 presidential primaries already off and running, we felt it was the perfect time to share this feature on presidents and their watches from the WatchTime archives (December … [Read more...]

Who Owns What: A Guide to the Watch Groups

Calibre de Cartier Diver 2

  Every so often the landscape of the watch industry shifts: a key brand gets sold to a major watch group and the balance of power changes ever so slightly. In the few years since we last … [Read more...]

Which Watch Brand Spends the Most on Advertising?

Rolex/Chanel/BellRoss/Omega graphic

Watch brands spent almost half a billion dollars on advertising in the U.S in 2013. The total was $492.68 million: a record high, and up 23.3 percent from the 2012 total. That figure comes from … [Read more...]

Million Dollar Club 2012: Watch Advertising at All-Time High

Top Four Watch Advertisers 2012

In an exclusive report in the upcoming May-June issue of WatchTime, we reveal which watch brands are spending the most on advertising in 2012, a record year for watch-company ad spending, and we … [Read more...]

Talking Watches With New Alpina Brand Ambassador William Baldwin


Recently, the sporty Swiss watch brand Alpina announced that actor William Baldwin (Backdraft, The Squid and the Whale, TV's "Gossip Girl") will be the celebrity brand ambassador for its new line of … [Read more...]

Trivia Quiz: Hollywood Watches


This time around our quiz features (mostly) action films, and we throw in a small-screen question or two. Do you know which watches these characters wore? This ticket to the movies is free, and as … [Read more...]

Timex to Close Vincent Bérard


The Timex Group’s grand foray into the high reaches of the luxury mechanical watch market is ending. Swiss media are reporting that Timex is shutting Vincent Bérard S.A., the La … [Read more...]

Trivia Quiz: Watches in the Movies 2 – The Sequel


A few weeks back we offered some general "watches in the movies" trivia. This time around we're focusing on watches worn by leading men such as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon and John Travolta, … [Read more...]

Trivia Quiz: Watches in the Movies


In the February issue of WatchTime, we reveal which watch Richard Dreyfuss wore as shark researcher Matt Hooper in Jaws. Not all movie watches take decades to identify. Test your knowledge in this … [Read more...]

TIME TEST: Famous Firsts


The first month of a new decade: what better time to mull over other promising (albeit not always successful) beginnings? Test your knowledge of a dozen watch-world firsts (the answers are at the … [Read more...]

TIME TEST: The Year in Watches


For those who may have missed it, this was our featured article last week, and it was so popular, we've carried it over. Say goodbye to 2009 with this WIS quiz on some of the year's top stories. To … [Read more...]

TIME TEST: The Year in Watches


Have you been taking notes? We did say there would be a test. Say goodbye to 2009 with this WIS quiz on some of the year's top stories. To see how you did, or to ensure a perfect score, scroll down to … [Read more...]

CX Swiss Military Watch Survives Shotgun, Dynamite, and 20,000 Feet


It may not slip discretely beneath your dress shirt cuff, but the CX Swiss Military Watch model called 20,000 Feet is what you will want on your wrist the next time you dive to 6,000 meters. The watch … [Read more...]

A Boom for the Budget-Minded: Watches Under $1000


Times are tough. But, contrary to what you might think, a tight watch budget doesn’t mean taking a pass on a mechanical movement. With the fall selling season dawning, there’s a fresh crop of … [Read more...]

Rolex Leads U.S. Watch Advertiser Pack


U.S. luxury watch king Rolex was the top watch advertiser by far in the United States in 2008. TNS Media Intelligence, which tracks watch advertising across 17 media categories, estimates that Rolex … [Read more...]