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Million Dollar Club 2012: Watch Advertising at All-Time High

Top Four Watch Advertisers 2012

In an exclusive report in the upcoming May-June issue of WatchTime, we reveal which watch brands are spending the most on advertising in 2012, a record year for watch-company ad spending, and we … [Read more...]

TechnoMarine Baselworld 2013 Preview


In anticipation of the upcoming Baselworld fair, TechnoMarine has unveiled two new watches to be showcased at the event. … [Read more...]

‘Melo Gold: WatchTime’s Interview with NBA Superstar Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony in suit/watch

New York Knicks all-star forward Carmelo Anthony is a scoring machine on the court and an avid watch collector off of it. WatchTime profiled 'Melo back in the winter of 2007, on the eve of his return … [Read more...]

TechnoMarine Appoints Jacques-Philippe Auriol CEO


The Board of TechnoMarine SA has announced the appointment of Jacques-Philippe Auriol as Chief Executive Officer of TechnoMarine SA with immediate effect. Since 2007, Mr. Auriol has been developing … [Read more...]

What Are These Guys Up To?


TechnoMarine made a big splash a decade ago. A new team is hoping to do it again. The image of (left to right) Christian Viros, Vincent Perriard, and Steven Cohen, nearly up to their necks in … [Read more...]

Vincent Perriard Appointed CEO of TechnoMarine


Vincent Perriard has been appointed CEO of TechnoMarine. Perriard has held several leadership positions in marketing, product development and general management at brands such as Audemars Piguet, … [Read more...]