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Watch Quiz: Can You Identify These Dive Watches Under Dress Shirt Cuffs?

dive watch quiz

Some say that dive watches and dress shirts are a fashion faux pas. We disagree. We’ve squeezed eight dive watches under a dress shirt cuff, leaving just a bit exposed. Put your watchspotting skills … [Read more...]

Quiz: Watches and Americana

Americana quiz graphic

Wrapping up our "Salute to America" week, we present a new quiz to test your knowledge of watches and the role they've played throughout American history and in American pop culture. Click here to … [Read more...]

Quiz: Hollywood Watches


Do you fancy yourself a watch-spotting savant, particularly in identifying timepieces worn by Hollywood actors and actresses on the silver screen? Well, here's your chance to prove it. We've compiled … [Read more...]

2011: The Year in Review Quiz, Part II


This week it’s time for Part II of our 2011 Year in Review Quiz. Have you been taking notes? Celebrate the end of 2011 with this little quiz, where we present 12 questions about news stories from … [Read more...]

2011: The Year in Review Quiz, Part 1


It's December, and you know what that means. It's time to look back. Have you been paying attention for the past 12 months? You knew there would be a quiz, right? Say goodbye to 2011 with this little … [Read more...]

Watchspotting: Dial Details


They say the devil is in the details. In this quiz, the details may bedevil you. We'll show you cropped images focusing on aspects of 12 watch dials. Of course no brand names are shown. Can you … [Read more...]

Mystery :Watches A Crop of Crowns


In this mini-quiz, we present six watch images cropped to show you just the crown and a bit of the dial. No brand names are visible. Can you identify these watches? As always, the answers appear at … [Read more...]

Under the Cuff: Chronographs


It’s time once again to test your watchspotting skills. This quiz presents a dozen chronographs, each partially obscured behind a shirt cuff. Can you identify these timepieces? As always, the … [Read more...]

Quick Quiz: Reference Check


Patek Philippe and Rolex enthusiasts are known to speak an arcane digital language. Test your vocabulary in this week's quiz. We’ve compiled a dozen reference numbers – six from each brand - and … [Read more...]

Quick Quiz: Tech Check


How well do you know the world that lies beneath your dial? Our quiz tests your knowledge of some basic concepts. As always, the answers appear at the end. Good luck! Click here to take our quiz … [Read more...]

Visual Quiz: CEOs


Their faces regularly appear in stories you read, but would you know them (and their brands) if you bumped into them in a watch shop? We've lined up a dozen high-profile CEOs to test your visual … [Read more...]

Rolex Trivia Challenge


This week Rolex is featured in our quiz. We present 21 questions to test your knowledge in several areas, including movies, famous Rolex owners, auctions, history, ambassadors, and technical … [Read more...]

Quick Quiz: Time Zone Geography


How well do you know your geography? How about world time zones? In this quiz, we present two lists of ten cities. Your goal is to match each city on the left with the one on the right that shares the … [Read more...]

Visual Quiz: Independents


It’s time once again to test your watchspotting skills. This quiz presents a dozen examples of watches produced by independent watchmakers and small, independent brands. Each watch is partially … [Read more...]

Visual Quiz: Mystery Watches


Can you identify manufacturers without seeing their names on the dials? We’ve lined up a dozen images, sans brand identification, to test your visual skills. Some watches are current, while others … [Read more...]

Visual Quiz: Famous Faces


You know their watches, but would you recognize them on the street? We've lined up images of 15 well-known watchmakers to test your facial recognition skills. So get your keyboards and pencils ready … [Read more...]

2010: The Year In Review Quiz, Part II


Once again we look at the biggest and smallest stories of the year. Were you paying attention? As always, the answers appear at the end. Good luck! … [Read more...]

2010: The Year in Review Quiz, Part I

Have you been following the news for the past 12 months? Say goodbye to 2010 with this quiz that focuses on some of the year’s most (and least) important stories. As always, the answers appear at … [Read more...]

Trivia Quiz: Hollywood Watches


This time around our quiz features (mostly) action films, and we throw in a small-screen question or two. Do you know which watches these characters wore? This ticket to the movies is free, and as … [Read more...]

Chronometer Quiz


You've read about COSC results here recently, but how much do you know about chronometer testing and certification? Here are a dozen multiple choice and true-false questions, plus an extra-tough bonus … [Read more...]

Visual Quiz: Sports Watches


It’s time again to test your watchspotting skills. We’ve lined up a dozen sports watches, partially obscured behind a jacket sleeve and shirt cuff for you fellows who mix fine fabrics and sporting … [Read more...]

Time Test: Tag Lines


How well do you know your tag lines? We’ve chosen 15, and your goal is to match them up with their brands. Whether you're dedicated to perfection or living your passion, embrace some adventure and … [Read more...]

TIME TEST: It’s Automatic


How much do you know about self-winding watches, past and present? Sharpen your pencil and set that cerebral rotor a’spinning. Answers, as usual, appear at the end. … [Read more...]

Visual Quiz: Off the Cuff


Here's another test of your watchspotting skills. We've lined up 15 watches, covered more or less (mostly more) by a shirt cuff. Your task is to identify as many as you can. They start out easy, but … [Read more...]

Time Test: French Twist


Watchmaking has its own mini-language: a set of French terms with specific horological definitions. Match the following words with their meanings. The answers appear at the bottom in the form of 3-C, … [Read more...]

Chronograph Quiz


How well do you know chronographs? This week we look at technical, functional, and historical aspects of what may be the all-time favorite complication. So fire up your chronographs and see how long … [Read more...]

TIME TEST: The Name Game


Ever wonder how your watch got its name? Test your knowledge of watch-brand handles by matching these brand names with the explanations of the origins. Answers take the form 1-C, 2-G, etc. Good luck! … [Read more...]

Trivia Quiz: Watches in the Movies 2 – The Sequel


A few weeks back we offered some general "watches in the movies" trivia. This time around we're focusing on watches worn by leading men such as Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Matt Damon and John Travolta, … [Read more...]

VISUAL QUIZ: Can You Identify These Mystery Watches?


Can you identify a watch at 40 paces? How about when only a bit of the watch is visible, the rest hidden by a shirt cuff? To test your watch spotting skills, we've cropped images of 15 well-known … [Read more...]

TIME TEST: Signed, Sealed, Delivered


How much do you know about the various quality seals and certificates awarded to watch movements these days? Find out by taking the WatchTime test. As always, the answers appear at the bottom. … [Read more...]