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Time is Money: The 26 Richest Swiss Watch Barons

Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek Jr.

Each year the respected Swiss business magazine, Bilan, publishes a list of the 300 richest Swiss with a rough estimate of their fortunes. For this article we examined the list for you to see which … [Read more...]

Exclusive: Watch Insider Interviews Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek, Jr.


Nick Hayek, Jr., CEO of the Swatch Group, is the conductor of Switzerland's biggest horological orchestra, with 29,600 employees and a turnover in 2012 of 8.143 billion Swiss francs. I invite you to … [Read more...]

Omega Unveils Seamaster 15,000 Gauss, the World’s Most Antimagnetic Watch

Omega Seamaster 15,000 Gauss

Omega, which pioneered the use of innovative new materials and technologies in watchmaking, has introduced perhaps its most impressive technological accomplishment in recent years, the development of … [Read more...]

Comco Opens New Swatch Group Investigation


The Swiss Competition Commission (Comco) has announced that it is opening an investigation against Swatch Group arising out of the Group's plan to stop supplying mechanical watch movements and … [Read more...]

2010: The Year in Review Quiz, Part I

Have you been following the news for the past 12 months? Say goodbye to 2010 with this quiz that focuses on some of the year’s most (and least) important stories. As always, the answers appear at … [Read more...]

Swatch Group First Half Sales and Profits Jump to Record Levels


Swatch Group's gross sales for the first half of 2010 exceeded SFr.3 billion for the first time ever, topping the 2008 record, and the future looks bright, thanks largely to China and Russia. The … [Read more...]

Swatch Group Takes Over Swiss Movement Maker Tanzarella Ltd.


Swatch Group announced today that it will take over Swiss-based watch movement maker Tanzarella Ltd. The takeover, effective July 12, will be achieved by transferring Tanzarella assets to a … [Read more...]

Nayla Hayek Named Swatch Group Chairwoman


Nayla Hayek has been named chairwoman of the Swatch Group Ltd., succeeding her father, Nicolas G. Hayek, who died of heart failure at Swatch Group headquarters in Bienne, Switzerland on June 28. She … [Read more...]

Switzerland Mourns Its Watch “Messiah”


Switzerland has responded to the sudden death of Swatch Group Chairman Nicolas G. Hayek on June 28 with a rare outpouring of grief, praise, and appreciation. Hayek, 82, was born in Beirut, Lebanon, … [Read more...]

Swatch Group Chairman Nicolas G. Hayek Dies at Age 82


Swatch Group AG founder and chairman Nicolas Hayek died unexpectedly from heart failure at his office earlier today. He was 82. Hayek, a colorful entrepreneur and one of Switzerland's leading … [Read more...]

Breguet Manuscript Brings Over $2 Million at Patrizzi Auction


Patrizzi & Co. sold a manuscript by Abraham-Louis Breguet for a record 2.3 million Swiss Francs (approx. $2,078,000) on Friday, May 7, in Geneva. Nicolas G. Hayek, president and CEO of Montres … [Read more...]

Swatch Group Chairman Wants to Stop Deliveries to Competitors


Reuters is reporting that in a recent interview published in the Swiss daily l'agefi, Swatch Group Chairman Nicolas Hayek said the group plans to stop selling watch parts to other brands. Swatch … [Read more...]

Omega President Stephen Urquhart: The WatchTime Interview


With its marketing blitz for the 40th anniversary Moon Watch, the opening of its own boutique on New York’s fashionable Fifth Avenue, and the long-term renewal of its official Olympic timing deal, … [Read more...]

Omega to be Official Olympic Timekeeper Through 2020


Omega has signed an agreement with the IOC to be the official timekeeper for the Olympic Games through 2020. The signing ceremony and announcement took place at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, … [Read more...]

Breguet Marie-Antoinette No. 1160 Coming to LA and NYC


Breguet No. 160 generated two of the greatest mysteries in watchmaking: who ordered it, and who stole it? Commissioned by an unknown admirer of Marie-Antoinette in 1783 as a gift for the queen, it was … [Read more...]

Foundation Stone Ceremony for Jaquet Droz


On September 9, 2009, Nicolas G. Hayek, Chairman of the Swatch Group, Nick Hayek, CEO of the Swatch Group, and Manuel Emch, President of Montres Jaquet Droz, laid the foundation stone of the new … [Read more...]

Breguet at the Louvre: An Apogee of European Watchmaking


Apogee means culmination or high point. In astronomy, it refers to the point in a heavenly body’s orbit when it is furthest from earth, or, in other words, when it is most out of this world. All of … [Read more...]