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Facetime August 11

Edward Prutschi is wearing a Tissot Sea Touch on a trip to Ayalabe Primary School in rural Tanzania near Karatu, where his kids got to meet their pen pals and donated supplies to the school.

Welcome to another installment of Facetime! This week we have some nice shots from Mount Rushmore, Africa, and more. As always, if you’d like to be featured here, in our magazine, Pinterest, and our other social networks, send us a hi-res pic (at least 1mb) with your at … [Read more...]

Scenes From Inside Basel-Geneva 2009 New York


If you were looking for reasons to be more upbeat about the U.S. economy this week, there were a few to be found. You could have watched Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke on the TV news proclaiming that the recession is over. Or you could’ve had a lot more fun by attending this year’s largest-ever “Inside Basel-Geneva” watch collectors’ event in New York, hosted by WatchTime and … [Read more...]

Martin Braun Hyperion and Kephalos


For 2009 Martin Braun introduces 2 new models. The Hyperion is a 44mm diameter flying minute tourbillon with retrograde moon phase and date displays. The similarly-sized Kephalos Heliozentric combines a multitude of complications including an annual calendar with retrograde date, plus day, month, position of the Earth in its orbit around the Sun, Equation of Time, and a 24 day/night display. … [Read more...]