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Sowind Group Announces Reorganization


Sowind Group (Girard-Perregaux and Jeanrichard) has announced a management reorganization following the sudden death of Chairman Luigi Macaluso on October 27. Monica Mailander Macaluso has been appointed Chairman of the Board of the Sowind Group holding company, while the directorship and operational management have been entrusted to Stefano and Massimo Macaluso, Chairman and CEO of Sowind SA respectively. … [Read more...]

Sowind Group Chairman Luigi Macaluso Passes Away


Sowind Group (Girard-Perregaux and JEANRICHARD) has issued a statement announcing that its Chairman, Luigi Macaluso, has unexpectedly passed away at age 62 after suffering a heart attack. Luigi, known as “Gino” by those closest to him, was born in Turin, Italy, in 1948. He was married to Monica and the father of four children, Stefano, Massimo, Anna and Margherita. More than 10 years ago, his two sons joined him at the head of Sowind Group. … [Read more...]

Girard-Perregaux Opens Flagship Boutique on Madison Avenue


Girard-Perregaux continues its expansion with the opening of its first American boutique at 701 Madison Avenue, the prestigious home to some of the world’s finest luxury brands. The Leonori building, constructed in 1902 and designated a city landmark, houses Girard-Perregaux between 62nd and 63rd streets. All of the Brand’s collections, including the Haute Horlogerie models and limited editions, are showcased in this elegant space. … [Read more...]