Kobold is a watch company, founded in 1998 as part of a Carnegie Mellon University entrepreneurship class project. After becoming a successul watch company in the U.S. Kobold established a presence in Nepal, where certain products are being manufactured. Today, Kobold's headquarters resides in Amish Country, Pennsylvania. An online musuem on its website explains the full history of Kobold watches. Notable Kobold watch models are the Kobold Phantom, Kobold Pandemonium, Kobold Soarway, Kobold NEC, Kobold Lynx, Kobold Spirit of America, Kobold Polar, Kobold Himalaya. WatchTime covers a wide range of Kobold watch news and other posts about Kobold watches as well as Kobold watch reviews. Kobold watches are available globally, our watch database has a large seleciton of Kobold watches for sales, sometimes used Kobold watches or Kobold watches replica editions.

First Watch: U.S. Presidents and Their Timepieces

John F. Kennedy with Omega Ultra Thin

With the race for the 2016 presidential primaries already off and running, we felt it was the perfect time to share this feature on presidents and their watches from the WatchTime archives (December … [Read more...]

Horology Comes to Steeltown: Kobold’s Spirit of America

Michael Kobold of Kobold Watch Co.

The Kobold Watch Company recently moved from Pittsburgh to Pennsylvania's Amish country. In this article from our archives, we tell the story behind Kobold's U.S.-made Spirit of America watch, and … [Read more...]

Press Release: WatchTime E-Special: Modern American Watchmakers

E-Special American Watchmakers

New York City (NY): Watchtime.com, the website of America’s best-selling watch magazine, WatchTime, has published a new E-Special, “Modern American Watchmakers.” This downloadable e-special can … [Read more...]

Kobold Offers Made-in-Nepal Soarway Transglobe Watch


On its newly launched website, koboldwatch.com, Pittsburgh-based Kobold Watch Co. is offering the new Soarway Transglobe to existing Kobold clients for only $2,650 (offer expires June 30th). Made in … [Read more...]

2011: The Year in Review Quiz, Part II


This week it’s time for Part II of our 2011 Year in Review Quiz. Have you been taking notes? Celebrate the end of 2011 with this little quiz, where we present 12 questions about news stories from … [Read more...]

2011: The Year in Review Quiz, Part 1


It's December, and you know what that means. It's time to look back. Have you been paying attention for the past 12 months? You knew there would be a quiz, right? Say goodbye to 2011 with this little … [Read more...]

Visual Quiz: Mystery Watches


Can you identify manufacturers without seeing their names on the dials? We’ve lined up a dozen images, sans brand identification, to test your visual skills. Some watches are current, while others … [Read more...]

Kobold Launches Program to Train Sherpas as Watchmakers


Kobold has announced a program in which its U.S.-based watchmakers will train a group of Sherpas in the art of watchmaking. The former high-altitude mountain guides from Nepal’s Himalaya region will … [Read more...]

Speak Easy


Not long ago, Lynn Miner, a reader of WatchTime magazine, wrote with a request: would we publish a guide on how to pronounce all those nettlesome watch-brand names? We hope the following brand list, … [Read more...]