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Throwing A Curve: The How, What, When, Where and Why Of Mainsprings


In this in-depth feature from the April 2013, issue of WatchTime Magazine, watch expert Gisbert L. Brunner explained that mainsprings perform herculean tasks. With a maximum thickness of just 75/1,000 mm, they develop strong torque, which they keep almost constant. … [Read more...]

Look, Ma, No Hands: 10 Watches That Tell Time Differently


The vast majority of watches stick to traditional hour and minute hands to display the time, but a handful of bold manufacturers use their technical prowess to find new, innovative, and often downright audacious methods to indicate the hours, minutes, and occasionally even other functions. Below is a list of unusual watches that deviate from the conventional time-telling style, finding creative alternatives to hour and minute hands. … [Read more...]

Around the Web: Babe Ruth’s Watch, Erotic Timepieces in Demand, CIA Watches, and More

Babe Ruth Pocketwatch

Welcome to this week’s installment of “Around the Web”. As always, WatchTime social media maven Alan Loren updates watch aficionados with what we thought were some of the most interesting watch-related stories and news tidbits of the past weeks, culled from the websites of your favorite brands as well as popular watch blogs and other media. Here’s what caught our  eye this week. … [Read more...]

Promotion: Wryst Timepieces Airborne Collection

Wryst Airborne sport watch FW4 - yellow strap

The recently launched watch brand Wryst is the brainchild of Swiss watch designer Jacques Fournier, whose previous claims to fame include the pentagonal five-time-zone watch for Jacob & Co., and takes its inspiration from extreme sports and auto racing. These influences are evident in its inaugural collection, called Airborne, launched last October and available in three limited editions of 75 pieces. … [Read more...]

New Facetime Photos


Welcome back to Facetime! We have some great pictures this week, and we want to share even more, so keep them coming. To appear here or in the magazine, send us a hi-res picture (at least 1mb) to photo@watchtime.com. Remember to tell us your name, location, and the brand and model of watch you're wearing. … [Read more...]

2011: The Year in Review Quiz, Part II


This week it’s time for Part II of our 2011 Year in Review Quiz. Have you been taking notes? Celebrate the end of 2011 with this little quiz, where we present 12 questions about news stories from the past year. As always, the answers appear at the end. And remember, your term papers are due next week. Good luck! … [Read more...]

2011: The Year in Review Quiz, Part 1


It's December, and you know what that means. It's time to look back. Have you been paying attention for the past 12 months? You knew there would be a quiz, right? Say goodbye to 2011 with this little test the focuses on some of the most (and least) important stories of the year. As always, the answers appear at the end. Good luck! … [Read more...]

2010: The Year in Review Quiz, Part I

Have you been following the news for the past 12 months? Say goodbye to 2010 with this quiz that focuses on some of the year’s most (and least) important stories. As always, the answers appear at the end. Good luck! … [Read more...]

Outrageous Meets Audacious: Yvan Arpa Joins Jacob & Co.


Former Romain Jerome CEO Yvan Arpa has joined New York-based Jacob & Co. as COO. During Arpa's tenure at Romain Jerome, the brand produced some of the most provocative timepieces of the decade, including one made from pieces of the Titanic, another priced at $300,000 that did not tell the time, and the moon dust-laced "The Truth About Roswell". Jacob & Co. is best known for large, colorful, jewel-encrusted watches often worn by celebrities and hip-hop stars. … [Read more...]



Movement maker BNB Concept is out of business. But its founder, and many of its watchmakers, have found a new gig. … [Read more...]

Rolex Leads U.S. Watch Advertiser Pack


U.S. luxury watch king Rolex was the top watch advertiser by far in the United States in 2008. TNS Media Intelligence, which tracks watch advertising across 17 media categories, estimates that Rolex spent $49.30 million on ad placements last year. The figure is more than $20 million more than the number two advertiser, Breitling, which spent $28.92 million, according to TNS. … [Read more...]