Hautlence is a Swiss watch brand. Hautlence was founded in 2004, with a focus on complicated timepieces. With surprising and sometimes unprecedented ways of reading the time, an easily identifiable design inspired by architectural principles, as well as a majority of in-house made calibres developed and crafted in its own Atelier, Hautlence has gained traction among collectors. Notable Hautlence watches include the Hautlence Origine, Hautlence Concepts d'Exception, Hautlence Avant-Garde. We cover Hautlence prices, have the Hautlence price list on our database, show you Hautlence watches for sale and help you to identify false Hautlence replica. We also have dozens of new and vintage Hautlence watches in our luxury watch database, with Hautlence photos, Hautlence price list infos, Hautlence sale data and Hautlence watch band info. Our Christophe Clare reviews section help you identify the best watch.

New Tourbillon Pen Compliments Cufflinks


Totally Worth It, the U.S. distributor of luxury watch brands including Armin Strom, Hautlence, Linde Werdelin and Ladoire, presents the TF Est. 1968 "Tourbillon" Pen to match the TF Est. 1968 cufflinks. The pen, available in several finishes, mounts the "tourbillon" at a 45° angle on the top, making it easily visible when the pen is in your pocket. Find pricing, availability and retailers inside. … [Read more...]

Hautlence HL2.0


The central retrograde minute display may grab your attention, but it is only the appetizer. The unique jump hour display consists of a 12-link chain that looks like a tank track, powered by its own barrel. As they say on the late night commercials... but wait, there's more. The movement of the jump-hour chain causes the entire escapement assembly to rotate 60º four times each day. With each new hour, the escapement assumes a new position. … [Read more...]

Hautlence Presents its 2010 HL Collection


Hautlence has not followed the traditional path in the way its timepieces are developed. The brand works with a select group of about 50 artisans known as "the College" to bring its creations to life. The goal is to find the best source for each component. In several areas, such as machining and surface treatment, technology is evolving rapidly, and it is not possible for a small brand producing relatively few timepieces to keep up in all of these areas. … [Read more...]

Hautlence Coming to North America


Swiss luxury watch brand Hautlence has announced a new agreement under which New York-based Totally Worth It will distribute Hautlence timepieces in the U.S.A. and Canada. Launched in 2004 and based in Neuchâtel, Hautlence produces innovative and imaginative timepieces in small numbers. Totally Worth It distributes several niche brands in North America. … [Read more...]

TIME TEST: The Name Game


Ever wonder how your watch got its name? Test your knowledge of watch-brand handles by matching these brand names with the explanations of the origins. Answers take the form 1-C, 2-G, etc. Good luck! … [Read more...]

Handcrafted Time ’09 Exhibition This Week in Bern


A special exhibition of handcrafted, complicated timepieces is being held this week at the Time Gallery, Brunngasse 58, 3011 Bern, Switzerland. Twelve well-known watchmakers and brands will display their timepieces: Vianney Halter, Miki Eleta, Pita Barcelona, Thomas Prescher, Romain Gauthier, Svend Andersen, Louis Moinet, Angular Momentum, Cabestan, Hautlence,and Mathias Fuchs. … [Read more...]