Hamilton Khaki Team Earth

Hamilton and actor Harrison Ford have collaborated to create the Hamilton Khaki Team Earth. Team Earth is a non-profit organization of individuals and companies working together to address global environmental challenges. Hamilton and Ford are members, and portion of Khaki Team Earth sales benefit the organization. Each watch has "Team Earth" and Harrison Ford's signature engraved on the caseback. … [Read more...]

“Mad” About ’60s Watches

The fourth season of AMC TV’s Emmy-award-winning drama series Mad Men premieres in late July, and the show’s fans have the date circled. The series, which follows the lives and careers of Madison Avenue advertising executives in 1960s New York, has not only wowed critics and fueled revivals of that era’s fashions and classic cocktails — its famous attention to period details has provided … [Read more...]

A Boom for the Budget-Minded: Watches Under $1000


Times are tough. But, contrary to what you might think, a tight watch budget doesn’t mean taking a pass on a mechanical movement. With the fall selling season dawning, there’s a fresh crop of under-$1,000 mechanical watches now in stores or soon to be there: the biggest batch, at least it seems to us, since the mechanical revival began. … [Read more...]

Summer Reading: Five Great Watch Books


You’ve got about a month to get to that summer reading that you promised yourself you would do. If you are in the mood for a whale of a watch tale, here are five books guaranteed to please. … [Read more...]

Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic


Henry Ward Beecher said "True elegance becomes the more so as it approaches simplicity." Henry would have liked the Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Automatic. It reduces the wristwatch to its essential elements: hours, minutes, date. The luminescent hands make sure you won't be lost in the dark. The Jazzmaster Slim is available in 40 and 43mm cases, in stainless steel and pink gold plate, with black or … [Read more...]

Hamilton X-Mach: Are You Moving Faster Than Sound?


Hamilton's new 44mm X-Mach lets you measure an aircraft's speed relative to that of sound - Hamilton calls this the "Machmeter" feature. To perform this feat however, you need to be sitting in the cockpit. Pilots set the pressure altitude (PA) and calibrated air speed (CAS) measured by the aircraft's instruments by turning the right crown of the watch to reveal the Mach number in ISA … [Read more...]

Hamilton Ventura XXL: Blue Hawaii for the 21st Century


2010 would have been Elvis's 75th birthday, and to mark the occasion, Hamilton is producing two new versions of the Ventura, made famous by the King in his 1961 movie "Blue Hawaii". One commemorative model is a quartz-powered replica of the original. My focus will be on the second piece: the cool XXL Edition. The styling has been updated with larger dimensions, a gunmetal PVD case, and a … [Read more...]

Hamilton for 2009: BASE Jumping, Diving, and More


Some say the trend toward ever-larger watches is slowing, but you would not know it to look at Hamilton’s new 50mm Khaki BASE Jump watches. That’s BASE as in parachuting off of Buildings, Antennas, Spans and Earth. Available in automatic and chronograph versions, we will focus on the latter as it presents an interesting twist (pun intended): the timing functions are activated by turning the … [Read more...]