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High Seas Horology: Montblanc’s Régulateur Nautique


It was one of the most technologically intriguing timekeeping devices unveiled at the SIHH watch fair in January (and, quite probably, the largest) and it’s destined to become a conversation piece for sixteen happy yacht owners. We’re talking about Montblanc’s Régulateur Nautique Timepiece Set, a combination chronograph wristwatch/nautical clock set that pays homage to the tradition of seafaring navigation. Find wallpaper images and pricing inside. … [Read more...]

Time Writ Large


Table clocks paired with pocket and wrist watches have proven highly popular with watchmakers and collectors alike. Breguet's Sympathique sets are perhaps the most famous historical examples, and in modern times, a similar project started F.P. Journe along the path to creating his own brand. This year, Montblanc teams with esteemed clockmaker Erwin Sattler to create its own variation on this theme. … [Read more...]