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Blackout: 17 Black-on-Black Watches

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe Flyback Chrono

Blue-on-blue isn't the only popular watch-color trend of recent years. "All-black" watches, with ebony-colored cases, dials, and straps, have also remained popular. Nearly every watch brand, from mass-market and inexpensive to pricey and high-end, now makes at least one black-on-black model. Here are 17 watches that are clad in black from head to toe. … [Read more...]

Eberhard & Co. Chrono 4 Géant Full Injection

Eberhard Chrono 4 Geant Full Injection

Eberhard & Co. has joined the "all-black" watch party with a new, limited-edition version of its well-known Chrono 4 Géant, nicknamed "Full Injection," released ahead of the 2013 Baselworld watch fair in April. The watch gets its name — and its sleek, dark, "stealth" look — from the special treatment used to harden the 46-mm steel case. The process, an advanced low-temperature carbon diffusion, allows the "injected" carbon to penetrate the steel for 30 micrometers to produce a … [Read more...]

Eberhard & Co.’s Gilda in the Garden of Eden


Eberhard & Co. recently showed support for “Les Pommes du Jardin d’Eden,” an event held in Geneva to raise funds for breast cancer research. The event, held on September 11th, included several brands presenting original creations with an apple as the theme. … [Read more...]

Eberhard’s Sailing Victory and 125th Anniversary


Watch brand Eberhard, partner of the Audi Italia Sailing Team, is celebrating its recent victory at the Kieler Woche. The Melges 24 Audi-Eberhard, skippered by Riccardo Simoneschi, stayed in the lead for the three days of the competition, achieving a “clear round.” The Italian crew were at the fore in all eleven trials, leaving the second and third-placed teams behind by 16 and 49 lengths respectively. … [Read more...]

Eberhard Chronograph from WWII Auctioned for 56,000€


The “Sistema Magini”, later called the “Metodo Magini” by Eberhard & Co., was auction for 56,000€ at the Meeting Art Auction House to an unknown buyer. This 24-hour split-second chronograph is said to have flown from Rome to Tokyo and back in 1942, during World War II. As stated in an Eberhard document dated 1943, an order was confirmed by the Italian Air force for 10 standard and 10 split-second chronographs with the Magini wording on the dial, but then the War ended and they … [Read more...]

Eberhard Names Swiss Watch Consultants Exclusive North American Agent


Eberhard has announced the signing of an agreement with Swiss Watch Consultants LLC to become the exclusive agent for the Eberhard & Co. brand for the U.S., Canadian and Caribbean markets. Eberhard is known as the manufacturer of the patented Chrono 4 and 8 Jours families of timepieces. … [Read more...]