Chronoswiss is a Swiss watch brand. Chronoswiss was founded in 1983 by Gerd Lang. Prior to launching Chronoswiss, Lang had gained significant experience in manufacturing movements for other watch brands. All Chronoswiss watches are hand-finished; while many of the movements used in Chronoswiss watches are based on the Enicar 165 movement, the Chronoswiss versions feature notable improvements, both technical and aesthetic. Chronoswiss is among a group of affordable watch brands sought after by new collectors. Notable watches include the Chronoswiss Regulateur, Rhronoswiss Opus, Chronoswiss Skeleton, Chronoswiss Pacific Chronograph, Chronoswiss Sirius, Chronoswiss Timemaster. We cover Chronoswiss prices, have the Chronoswiss price list on our database, show you Chronoswiss watches for sale and help you to identify false Chronoswiss replica. We also have dozens of new and vintage Chronoswiss watches in our luxury watch database, with Chronoswiss photos, Chronoswiss price list infos, Chronoswiss sale data and Chronoswiss watch band info. Our Christophe Clare reviews section help you identify the best watch.

Reversible Watches: The One You Know and Others You Don’t

Cartier Basculante - angle

For many people, a watch is not only an accessory that tells time; after all, numerous other devices surrounding us can do that today. It is also a piece of art, jewelry, perhaps a status symbol — … [Read more...]

Watch Nerd Alert! Top 10 Chronograph Movements


A while back, I wrote an article on my top 5 iconic chronograph watches. Some of you readers wondered why Zenith wasn’t in there. Quite simply, it didn't make my personal Top 5. However, I do love … [Read more...]

10 Unique Watches Up for Auction at Only Watch 2015

Vacheron Constantin Metiers d'Art Mecaniques Ajouree Only Watch 2015

As watch-industry followers are surely aware by now, this fall will mark the sixth edition of Only Watch, a charity auction of unique timepieces whose proceeds benefit the Monaco Association against … [Read more...]

Bare Bones: 10 Interesting Skeleton Watches


In skeleton watches, the watchmaker strips the watch's dial and/or movement to their bare essentials, revealing as much of the watch's interior as possible. For watch aficonados who love the technical … [Read more...]

Horology Comes to Steeltown: Kobold’s Spirit of America

Michael Kobold of Kobold Watch Co.

The Kobold Watch Company recently moved from Pittsburgh to Pennsylvania's Amish country. In this article from our archives, we tell the story behind Kobold's U.S.-made Spirit of America watch, and … [Read more...]

Watch Insider’s Wish List: 28 Watch Gift Ideas for Watch Lovers

Rolex GMT-Master II - side

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Chronoswiss Timemaster Chronograph Skeleton

Chronoswiss Timemaster_Chronograoh Skeleton - blue hands

At Baselworld 2014, Chronoswiss released, for the first time ever, a skeletonized version of its sporty Chronoswiss Timemaster Chronograph, which allows wearers an unencumbered view of the watch's … [Read more...]

A Record-Breaking Patek Philippe Highlights Top 5 Watches from Only Watch 2013

Patek Philippe - Only Watch 2013

The fifth edition of the biennial "Only Watch" auction took place over the weekend at the Hermitage Hotel in Monaco. When the final hammer fell, the auction of unique timepieces had raised 5,066,000 … [Read more...]

Basel Preview: Chronoswiss Celebrates 30 Years With New Régulateur 30 Watch

Chronoswiss Regulateur 30 rose gold

For Chronoswiss, the year 2013 marks two important anniversaries: it is the 30th anniversary of the brand’s founding and also the year that the brand's flagship watch model, the Régulateur, turns … [Read more...]

Only Watch Auction Returns to Monaco in September


The fifth Only Watch, a charity auction of unique timepieces, returns on September 28th, taking place once again in Monaco and conducted by Antiquorum Auctioneers. … [Read more...]

Chronoswiss Sold to Swiss Investor


Munich-based watchmaker Chronoswiss has been sold to Swiss entrepreneur Oliver Ebstein, 37, and his wife Eva Maria. The Lucerne-based owners are new to the watch industry, and they have said that … [Read more...]

Grieb & Benzinger Announce 2011 Boutique Collection


Jochen Benzinger, Hermann Grieb and Georg Bartkowiak have announced their new models for 2011, together known as the Benzinger Boutique Collection. The collection includes three pieces: the Polaris, … [Read more...]

Maurice Lacroix Launches New U.S. Distribution Under the Direction of Hartmut Kraft


Independent Swiss watch manufacture Maurice Lacroix has completed the restructuring of its North American market. Martin Bachmann, CEO of Maurice Lacroix and Hartmut Kraft, the CEO who re-launched … [Read more...]

Chronoswiss Sales Jump 62%


Munich-based luxury watch manufacturer Chronoswiss announced a 62 percent increase in sales over the nine-month period ending September 30. During a press conference held on Wednesday at the … [Read more...]

Chronoswiss Launches 2010 Holiday Sweepstakes


Independent manufacturer Chronoswiss has announced the 2010 edition of its Holiday Sweepstakes in the United States. The contest runs November 15 through December 31, 2010, with a chance to win one of … [Read more...]

Big Shots: Images from 2009


For those of you who like to collect watch images, we've assembled a few that we presented in larger resolutions during the past year. We have a little of everything... something old, something new, … [Read more...]

Collector to the Rescue: Hartmut Kraft Reboots Chronoswiss North America


Re-launching a brand that has stumbled is difficult in a good economy. Imagine starting the process in October, 2008. That prospect lay before new Chronoswiss North America president Hartmut Kraft. … [Read more...]

Chronoswiss Opens Boutique in NYC’s SoHo


Chronoswiss has opened its first USA boutique at 339 West Broadway in New York City's SoHo neighborhood. The boutique is open to the public now, and the grand opening celebration will be on Wednesday, … [Read more...]

Chronoswiss Adds Six U.S. Retail Partners


German watchmaker Chronoswiss has added six new authorized retail partners in the U.S. market. The retailers are Hamilton Jewelers in Princeton, NJ, David Orgell in Beverly Hills, Feldmar in Los … [Read more...]

Chronoswiss White Gold “Perpetual Black”


Chronoswiss expands its Perpetual Calendar series, adding a new model in white gold with a black dial, called the Perpetual Black. The new model joins the existing stainless steel and rose gold … [Read more...]

Chronoswiss Zeitzeichen: Artful Craftsmanship


Chronoswiss has teamed up with master craftsman Jochen Benzinger to create a series of 3 limited edition watches that showcase the arts of skeletonizing, engraving and guilloche to great effect. Known … [Read more...]

Chronoswiss Timemaster Spring


Chronoswiss announces their newest addition to the Timemaster series, the Timemaster Spring. This timepiece offers a distinctive style with its bright white dial and exclusive light green super … [Read more...]