Christophe Claret

Christophe Claret is a Swiss luxury watch brand. Notable Christophe Claret watches include the Christophe Claret Soprano, Christophe Claret Kantharos, Christophe Claret Dragon Watch, Christophe Claret Tiger Watch, Christophe Claret Tourbillon de la Roche, Christophe Claret Musical Watch. Christophe Claret was born in Lyon in 1962. He entered the Geneva Watchmaking School in 1978 and went on to train with cabinotier Roger Dubuis. That same year, he opened his first workshop for restoring old watches in his family home, where he also devoted himself to another mechanical passion – that of restoring motorbikes. In 1982, he graduated as a watchmaker. At the 1987 Basel fair, Rolf Schnyder – the new owner of the Ulysse Nardin brand – ordered twenty minute-repeater calibers with San Marco jacks from Claret. Two years later, Christophe Claret founded the eponymous Manufacture, and it soon became a benchmark in the field of grand complication calibers. By 2009, Christophe Claret was known as a watchmaker specialising in grand complications, and decided to present his first watch in his own name – the DualTow. The Christophe Claret brand now belongs to a circle of independent Haute Horlogerie brands that design, develop and produce their watches entirely in-house. We cover Christophe Claret prices, have the Christophe Claret price list on our database, show you Christophe Claret watches for sale and help you to identify false Christophe Claret replica. We also have dozens of new and vintage Christophe Claret watches in our luxury watch database, with Christophe Claret photos, Christophe Claret price list infos, Christophe Claret sale data and Christophe Claret watch band info. We have Christophe Claret watch news, blog posts, updates and other posts about Christophe Claret watches as well as Christophe Claret watch infos. Christophe Claret watches are available globally during auctions.

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3 Exceptional Boutique Watches We Found Outside of SIHH 2015

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Baselworld 2014: Christophe Claret Maestoso with Live Images


Christophe Claret’s latest superwatch features a unique traditional pivoted detent escapement with constant force and a cylindrical balance spring. The movement incorporates three patented developments. The entire watch - case, hands and all the parts of the movement, including the balance spring – was designed, manufactured and assembled in Claret's workshops. This is the ultimate in in-house. … [Read more...]

Video: Christophe Claret Teases Kantharos

Christophe Claret, a brand known for creating complicated timepieces (like the Soprano, seen at SIHH), has posted a teaser video for its Baselworld 2013 novelty, the Kantharos. The video provides a sneak peek of the movement of the watch, which is a mono-pusher chronograph with constant force mechanism. The watch will be formally unveiled at Baselworld 2013, on the first day of the brand's exhibit at the fair, which will last from April 24th to May 2nd. Be sure to check during … [Read more...]

More from Geneva: Christophe Claret, De Bethune, Urwerk, and Moser


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Christophe Claret’s Soprano Tourbillon Minute Repeater Takes the Stage


Christophe Claret, known for creating complicated timepieces with tourbillons and repeater mechanisms, has released his most ambitious such model yet, called the Soprano. The watch's signature features are its 60-second tourbillon, stepped "Charles X" bridges made of sapphire, and a musically accurate four-note minute repeater striking Westminster chimes on cathedral gongs. … [Read more...]

Christophe Claret Releases 21 Blackjack Video


Christophe Claret's February press release only hinted at the aesthetics and complications of his newest creation, the 21 Blackjack. Now the maestro reveals more about the new piece in a high-energy video. Find a link to the show inside. Shuffle up and deal. … [Read more...]

Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack


Christophe Claret has released teaser images of his next new creation, called 21 Blackjack, which will officially debut next month during Baselworld. Coming on the heels of the Adagio's launch last month in Geneva, 2011 is shaping up to be an annus mirabilis for the master from Le Soleil D’Or. Find wallpaper and pricing inside. … [Read more...]

Christophe Claret Adagio


For years Christophe Claret labored in relative obscurity creating horological masterpieces sold under the names of others. To date he has devised and executed 68 unique complicated movements. In 2009, the man behind the curtain released the first timepiece widely marketed under his own name. Following the "bravos", Claret is launching a second piece bearing his name. His encore is called Adagio. … [Read more...]

An Afternoon with Christophe Claret


In many ways, the story of Christophe Claret is the story of the Swiss watch industry. He is independent and innovative. Much of his work is done in secrecy. He designed and created many of the most complicated movements introduced during the past 20 years. Now, Claret emerges from behind the curtain to produce timepieces under his own name. … [Read more...]

Christophe Claret DualTow NightEagle – Stealth That Gets Noticed


Last year Christophe Claret generated the biggest buzz at Baselworld with the DualTow, a wonder of the horological world created to mark the Manufacture's 20th anniversary. For 2010, a new, black DualTow appears with the intriguing name NightEagle. If you look closely at the movement and squint, you can see a tiny, polished sign that reads "Genius at work." … [Read more...]

PALACE COUP: Jean Dunand’s Newest Watch is a Tribute to the Industrial Revolution


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DeWitt’s Wild Antipode


Jerome DeWitt is a charming man who knows how to create suspense, and how to create watches. We entered his elegant booth at Basel and were seated in comfortable chairs around a low table. As the presentation began, Mr. DeWitt produced what looked like a substantial watch on a small stand, covered with a cloth, and he set it on the table, still covered. He moved like a magician holding a bird just placed under a colorful silk. You know the bird is about to disappear, so you focus on it hoping to … [Read more...]

Christophe Claret’s Amazing DualTow


The biggest buzz in Basel surrounded Christophe Claret’s DualTow, an amazing timepiece created to celebrate the eponymous manufacture’s 20th anniversary. The hand-winding caliber CC20A has 582 parts including 73 jewels and features a one-minute tourbillon and a patented single-pusher planetary-gear chronograph with a striking mechanism that chimes when the chronograph pusher is activated. All parts except the hairspring are made in Mr. Claret’s manufacture. The hours and minutes are … [Read more...]