Pure & Simple: Patek Philippe Calatrava vs. Lange Saxonia

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Patek Philippe Calatrava and A. Lange & Söhne Saxonia sideview

Both watches are quite thin, with overall heights slightly less than 8 mm. The Calatrava looks even slimmer than the Saxonia, which has a more highly domed bezel. Both designs master the juxtaposition of satin-finished and polished surfaces on the flanks.

Both watches have hand-sewn, crocodile leather straps with cut edges and are of excellent quality. The Patek Philippe strap shines with glossy clear lacquer, while the Lange one has a matte finish.

Each strap has a simple prong buckle, in keeping with the watches’ overall minimalist design. A folding clasp is more elaborate and doesn’t necessarily enhance wearing comfort. Patek Philippe facets its prong very beautifully, but merely bends it around the crosspiece. The polished buckle is a good match for the watch and is instantly identifiable as being from Patek Philippe. Lange mills its prong from a solid block of precious metal and reinforces the buckle with an additional crossbar. The strap is guided through the buckle so that it scarcely needs to be bent; the clasp and strap fit closely on the wrist. The name “Lange” appears on the buckle in clear, capital letters.

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  1. abqhudson says:

    This is a joke review and comparison. They are timepieces, aren\'t they.

  2. Nick Lerescu says:

    Excellent article filled with many useful details. Having visited both manufactures, with an Advantage Tours group of high grade watch aficionados, I concur with the author regarding the amount of time dedicated to finishing the movements. In my opinion the lack of an exhibition back at Calatrava is a pro rather than a con. Final thought: Every time one sees a comparison between two luxury watches, one of them is a Patek. Coincidence? I think not.

    Nick Lerescu

  3. Jonathan Ziegler says:

    Great compare + you assumed the bold position of granting the photo-finish to Lange.

    However, I am curious why you did a two-off comparison and did not include the Piaget equivalent, the Altiplano? Despite it being a micro-rotor automatic, it certainly has a similar price-point and perhaps could have been included.

  4. Jacob Israel on Facebook says:


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