The Big Inside Basel/Geneva West Coast Report…The Miami Show is July 14!

Inside Basel/Geneva 2010

Inside Basel/Geneva 2010 kicked off with two West Coast shows that played to full houses as collectors and enthusiasts came out to see the newest watches and to meet the record number of exhibiting brands. Don’t forget that the Miami show is July 14. There are still a few tickets left, so check out the West Coast shows in this article, then head over to the sign-up page and come on down!

The evenings begin with cocktail receptions where guests can try on the latest models from the Baselworld and SIHH shows. This is better than the Swiss shows, where the watches are locked away in polished glass cases. As you’ll see below, the receptions have a great “watch fair” vibe. The rooms are filled with collectors and enthusiasts, plus hundreds of fine timepieces – more top-end pieces than you’ll see at any retailer. Indeed many of the watches at the Inside Basel/Geneva shows are not even in the stores yet. And because manufacturer execs are on hand, you can get expert information and advise. At the end of this article, you’ll find a link to video shot in Los Angeles, giving you a better feel for what the shows are really like.

Following cocktails, its off to dinner and Jeff Kingston’s presentation. This year Jeff cover 42 brands, 25% of which were not included last year. Of course, all of the watches covered this year are new. Jeff makes a special effort to include some of the wildest, most over-the-top pieces, some of which we guarantee you have not seen before. All of this is presented via great still images and HD video, and this year Jeff has video of some of the most complicated watches “doing their thing”. Other videos were shot in the manufacturers’ workshops so you can see their work firsthand.

Don’t forget that the Miami show is July 14!

After Miami, we present three shows in September:

- September 14 – New York
- September 16 – Philadelphia
- September 29 – Chicago

You may use the link above to reserve your spot at the September shows.

And now, a look at Inside Basel/Geneva 2010 Los Angeles and San Francisco. You may click the images to view larger versions.

Inside Basel/Geneva 2010

WatchTime editor in chief Joe Thompson talks with a guest.
Inside Basel/Geneva 2010

Joe and WatchTime Publisher Wolfgang Blum with guests.

Our luxurious venues – Riviera Country Club…
IBG LA 2010

IBG LA 2010

…and the San Francisco City Club
Guests arrive for IBG 2010 San Francisco

Guests arrive for IBG 2010 San Francisco

Guests chat with Antiquorum auctioneer and Antiques Roadshow regular Charles Tearle.


Guests meet watchmaker Peter Speake-Marin.
Meeting Peter Speake-Marin

Inside Basel/Geneva 2010

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