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Not long ago, Lynn Miner, a reader of WatchTime magazine, wrote with a request: would we publish a guide on how to pronounce all those nettlesome watch-brand names? We hope the following brand list, with phonetic spellings on the right, helps Miner and tongue-twisted watch fans everywhere.


A. Lange & Söhneah LAHN guh und ZO nuh
Alpinaal PEE nuh
Armand Nicoletare MAHND NIK o lay
Audemars PiguetAWE duh mahr PEE gay
Baume & MercierBOWM and MURSE ee ay
BédatBAY dah
BlancpainBLAHNK pan
BovetBO vay
BreguetBREH gay
BreitlingBRITE ling
BulovaBULL uh vuh
BulgariBUL guh ree
Carl F. BuchererBucherer: BOO kur ur
CartierKARR tee ay
Chase-DurerCHASE DUR ur
Chopardshow PARD
CorumKOR um
Cuervo y SobrinosKWER vo ee so BREE nohs
CustosCOO stohs
CymaSEE muh
Daniel RothRoth: ROTE
De Bethunedeh bet OON
DeWittdeh VITT
DoxaDOX uh
Dubey & Schaldenbranddue bay and SHALL den brand
Ebelee BELL
Favre-LeubaFAHV LUBE uh
F.P. JourneJourne: ZHURN
Franck MullerFRAHNK MYOU ler
Frédérique ConstantFRED ur eek con STAHNT
Gérald GentaGenta: JEN tuh
Girard-Perregauxzhee RAHRD PAIR uh go
Glashütte Originalglass HOO tuh or ig in AHL
GlycineGLY seen
Greubel and ForseyGROIB uhl and FORCE ee
HublotU blow
HysekHIGH sek
IWC SchaffhausenSchaffhausen: shaff HOWZ in
Jaeger-LeCoultrezhey ZHER leh KOOLT
Jaquet DrozZHOCK ay DROH
Jean DunandZHAHN due NAHND
JeanRichardzhahn ree SHARD
KoboldKO bald
Limeslee MEZ
LonginesLAWN jeen
Louis Érardloo ees air AHRD
Louis Moinetloo ee mwah NAY
Louis Vuittonlou ee vwee TAHN
Maurice LacroixLacroix: LAH KWAH
MidoMEE doe
Milusmee LOOSE
MoserMO zer
Movadomuh VAH doe
Mühle GlashütteMEW luh glass HOO tuh
NomosNO mose
Officine Paneraioff ih CHEE nay PAN ur eye
Omegao MAY guh
Parmigiani Fleurierpahrm ih ZHAH nee FLUR ee ay
Patek Philippepah TEK fill EEP
Paul PicotPicot: pih CO
PerreletPAIR eh lay
Piagetpee ah ZHAY
RadoRAH doe
Ralph LaurenLauren: LOR en
Richard MilleREE shard MEEHL
Roger Dubuisroe ZHER do BWEE
SeikoSAY ko
TissotTEE so
TutimaTOO tih muh
Ulysse Nardinyou LEESE nahr DAN (The last syllable is spoken with a short, nasal “a” with no real equivalent in English. The “n” is not pronounced fully, but cut off in the back of the mouth as soon as it begins.)
Universal GenèveGenéve: jeh NEV
Vacheron ConstantinVASH er ahn kon stan TAN (For last syllable, see note for “Ulysse Nardin.”)
Van Cleef & ArpelsArpels: ahr PELL
Victorinoxvick TOR ih nox
WengerWEN ger
WittnauerWIT now ur
Wyler GenèveVEE ler jeh NEV
XemexZEM ex
ZenithZEH nith

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Norma Buchanan is the executive editor of WatchTime magazine. She has been a reporter and editor for 30 years and has specialized in writing about watches and the watch industry for 18 years. She is also the author of "The Watch Buff's Book of Trivia."

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