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Photo Slideshow: Images from the Smithsonian’s “Time and Navigation” Exhibit

Arnold & Dent Chronometer

In the November-December 2013 issue of WatchTime, on sale October 29, associate editor Jay Deshpande visits the Smithsonian's "Time and Navigation" exhibit. Click on the image gallery below for a look … [Read more...]

Hydromechanical Horology: Inside the New HYT H1, continued

HYT H1 movement/bellows CU

A proprietary movement powers the display. The movement generates .7 Newton meters (Nm) of force, and is capable of producing 1.2 Nm, thanks to one of the most powerful mainsprings available. Chronode … [Read more...]

Inside Basel/Geneva 2011 NYC & SF, page 3


Here is a tiny sample of the hundreds of watches that were on display in San Francisco. Each image may be enlarged with a click. … [Read more...]

Visiting Vacheron: A Photo and Video Essay, Part II

Vacheron’s instantly-recognizable headquarters is located in Plan-les-Ouates in the canton of Geneva, just a few miles outside the city. This beautiful building is where Vacheron designs and … [Read more...]

Look – Up in the Sky!Many brands make pilot’s watches. Tutima makes pilots, too.


Who has the best job in the world? I recently spent some time with an elite group whose members have a strong claim to that title. They are some of the best in the world at what they do. What they do … [Read more...]

Bugatti at The Quail, Pebble Beach, and Laguna Seca


Bugatti officially introduced the Veyron Super Sport at The Quail Motorsport Gathering, and the brand was strongly represented at both The Quail and Pebble Beach. The Laguna Seca Historic Races … [Read more...]

Images From the Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport Official Launch


Parmigiani held the official launch party for the Bugatti Super Sport at a private residence in Monterey, California, near the scene of the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. WatchTime attended and … [Read more...]