Romain Jerome Creates John M. Armleder Watch

p150Romain Jerome, known for making watches inspired by everything from the Statue of Liberty to classic video games, now looks to the world of modern art, specifically the work of Swiss artist John M. Armleder, for its latest watch. Romain Jerome and Armleder have collaborated to create a collection of 10 unique timepieces, all bearing the image of a skull, a recurring motif in John M. Armleder’s work. ″The skull evokes a memento mori and an allegory of the passing of time, which is an appropriate subject for a timepiece and which interests both art and watch collectors,″ says Armleder. Like Richard Mille’s RM052 Skull, the most prominient feature of the watch is the skull at its center, a raised applique with its underside lacquered with a color revealed by its reflection on the hammered, polished dial. Each unique piece is a different color. The back of the watch is numbered and bears an engraved medallion with the artist’s signature.

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