Casio’s New Pro Trek: PRG550B-5

Casio’s New Pro Trek: PRG550B-5

p150Casio has just introduced a camouflage timepiece to its Pro Trek collection, the PRG550B-5. Like other Pro Trek watches, the PRG550B-5 is designed for use in outdoor activites and has three sensors: an altimeter/barometer, thermometer, and digital compass. It also features a combination analog & digital display, with a second hand that acts as a compass needle which allows the wearer to read the digital display as well as reference the needle indicator for direction.



Like its predecessors, the PRG550B-5 operates with Casio’s Tough Solar Power technology, with a battery life of approximately 6 months without further exposure to light and a Power Save feature that allows the timepiece to power down when not exposed to light for a certain period of time, thus conserving energy. It can even be charged in low or fluorescent light. The watch comes with a synthetic leather and cloth camouflage band. It will be available in November 2012 for an MSRP of $350.

A full view of the PRG550B-5 and its camouflage strap.

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    I really perfer mech over quartz but this is a Nice watch !! I really like the compass !

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    Rafael Araujo olha esse ai

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